The world's most visited feed barge?

Saturday, August 19th, Lovundlaks celebrated their new feed barge AC450 Comfort. The feed barge was delivered from AKVA group in July and is operative. August 19th, Lovundlaks had an “Open Day” and baptism of the barge. More than 300 guests visited the barge in a few hours on this sunny summer day!
bilde 1 fl%c3%a5te henryThe barge is located in a beautiful scenery right outside the island Lovund, in the middle of Norway. A large part of the visitors has worked in the aquaculture and fishing industry for a lifetime, but for many this was the first time they had close contact with the salmon in the cages and saw the inside of a feeding barge and how an advanced aquaculture are operated.

To congratulate Lovundlaks with their new barge, AKVA group were represented by project manager Alf Kåre Ulfsnes, regional sales manager Jørn Sivertsen and sales director Hans-Øyvind Sagen. Jørn Sivertsen made a solemn transfer of the barge to the owners.
During the baptism ceremony, general manager and owner of Lovundlaks, Jacob Palmer Meland, gave a glimpse of the values ​​behind the well-run cage farming company. Among other things, the barge got the name "Henry" in honor of a loyal and well skilled worker who had been with Lovundlaks for a long life, but unfortunately, not anymore.
"Loyal and dedicated employees are the most important support for the company and they are the most important building block for good operations in the next 50 years. In addition, it is important to contribute to a good local community and to develop long-term relationships with good suppliers."
This was some of the message from Meland under the speech during the baptism of "Henry." With a glimpse in the eye, Meland also told how he had challenged project leader Alf Kåre Ulfsnes in sending the emails and questions past midnight during the construction process of the barge, yet received a reply five minutes later. Then sent a new email at six o'clock in the morning, and received just as fast response from Ulfsnes. The cooperation with AKVA group worked impeccably and you have to be up early in the morning if you are to follow the pace of Meland and his team in Lovundlaks.
Henry’s niece, Ingvild Myhre, was proud Godmother of the barge. After some persistent attempts, she crushed the champagne bottle to applause from the guests.
In the evening, Lovundlaks had invited to a party in the premises of a sports club, where they had an impressive and professional program. Based on good attendance and atmosphere on both the “Open Day” and on the banquet evening, we in AKVA group believe that Lovund and Lovundlaks are well shunned for many happy salmons for at least the next 50 years...

  • Feed capacity dimensioned based on customer needs
  • Calculated strength to stand up to 3,7 m of significant wave height (Hs)
  • Design & comfort as one of the main interior features
  • Spacious engine room prepared for the most demanding power management system
  • Metallized above main deck to ensure high quality protection against sea conditions
  • 2 years’ warranty on all painted surfaces
  • Hull integrated mill tank of high processing capacity
AKVA group is very pleased that Lovundlaks AS has signed a new contract for another AC 450 Comfort, similar to "Henry", with delivery in March 2018.