United Arab Emirates invest in aquaculture

A new recirculation broodstock, hatchery and nursery system has just been delivered.
2015-united-arab-emiratesImage: Many small units makes it possible to produce a wide range of different species.

In March 2015 AKVA group handed over a marine fish hatchery and nursery to the Ministry of Environment & Water of the UAE. The fish farm consists of recirculation broodstock, hatchery and nursery system. The initiative is the first step of a long-term strategy to develop the aquaculture industry in the region. Wild fish stocks in the Gulf have decreased and the local fishing industry is suffering. It is hoped that the new national strategy for aquaculture will give opportunity for new businesses and job creation.

AKVA group delivered and installed the equipment for the marine system in cooperation with UAE based company ANAF and local contractor Ghantoot.

The facility is designed for a production of 10 million marine fish fry. The range of many small facilities makes it possible to produce different species and asess their commercial value.

Farm management support of the daily operation will be carried out by ANAF in collaboration with specialists from AKVA group to ensure that the system is operating efficiently.

The local staff is checking the finish.