Vikahav satisfied with FNC8

Aquaculture service company Vikahav received its first Flying Net Cleaner 8 from AKVA group in January. “It's like driving a Mercedes under water,” says Frode Viken, who has ordered one more FNC-8s.
djupetsfront“FNC-8 is an incredibly practical, reliable and safe tool. To start off, the machine lacks sharp wheels or belts that could damage the net during cleaning. This reduces the risk of escapes, and the need for net repairs after cleaning. Our customers are of course very pleased with this. Additionally, the whole cleaning disc and 100 per cent of the water is used to clean the net, instead of using up to 60 per cent to attach the cleaning rig to he net wall. This makes for more efficient and better cleaning,” Viken concludes, who provides services to major players such as Salmar and Marine Harvest.

Popular product
The cleaning rig was introduced at Nor-Fishing in August 2016, and interest FNC-8 is great in the market.

“We've already sold ten machines, and have more than 60 parties who would like a demonstration, so its reception has been excellent. We're currently working on increasing our production capacity, and aim to deliver up to 30 FNC-8 units this year,” says Roy Magne Ohren, who is region manger with AKVA group and has 18 years of experience with cleaning systems.

Reduces time spent and risk of escape
FNC-8 was developed by ROV specialist Sperre AS, and achieves a cleaning efficiency that greatly exceeds everything else available in the current marketplace. The unique feature of the new cleaning rig is that it “swims” along the net line in the pen and cleans using high-pressure seawater. The rig also cleans the top of the net.

“It's a fairly autonomous machine with several smart features that ensure a great result. All feedback is singularly positive. This is the best cleaning rig the aquaculture industry has ever seen, and I'm certain that it will become the standard for the sector,” Ohren says.

“Now we can clean and inspect a 157 net in an hour, which is an operation that previously would have taken 15-20 minutes more. But just as important is the confidence we and the customers gain with FNC-8. We have a much better idea of what we are doing with the help of advanced camera systems and sensors. To succeed in a market characterized by tough competition, it's important to us to invest in state-of-the-art technology that ensures good, simple and safe work operations, and that's what AKVA group provides. We are extremely satisfied, and are looking forward to welcoming further FNC-8s,” Viken says.

Happier fish
FNC8 is based on a patent pending principle that ensures that the rig is in balance regardless of whether it cleans horizontally, vertically or upside down. This makes it easy for the operator to select the cleaning direction that is most appropriate, regardless of which type of net one is dealing with.

“Operating it is a dream – it's like have an underwater Mercedes. The ROV is controlled from an integrated pilot chair in the boat, which makes the process very comfortable for the operator. AKVA group has en excellent piece of equipment here, and there's no doubt that this is a profitable investment for us. Our capacity increases, customers are happier, and last but not least – the fish are happier,” Viken says with a grin.

“Everyone working in aquaculture is concerned with delivering quality, and to deliver quality one needs proper equipment. FNC-8  is a tool that eases everyday work for the user, while also ensuring a better result for fish farmers. It's a win-win situation,” Ohren concludes.