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AKVA - 2008 International Photo Contest

As AKVA group's global marketing machinery kicks into gear for 2008, the technology supplier is looking for new and exiting digital photos of AKVA products in use at farms around the world.
AKVA group's Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Trond Severinsen, is organizing the contest and says: "As it is hard for us to be at the right place at the right time when good photo opportunities occur, we have now decided to conduct our first AKVA - 2008 International Photo Contest.

This way others can try to take these good shots for us and in return win some great prizes if their photos are chosen. We are particularly interested in good action photos showing our products in spectacular weather, scenery or lighting, but also photos of people or fish interacting with AKVA products during normal farming operations.

The contest is open to everyone and with great prizes for the 25 best photos chosen, everyone has a fair chance to win", and he adds: "Photos taken with normal digital cameras are fine, but always use highest possible image quality settings (maximum resolution) so that photos exceed 1-2MB as a minimum.

Another good photo tip is to get close to your photo object and avoid zooming in. So, go put your camera in your pocket, start shooting the action at your farm and e-mail your entries before the end of February to: We look forward to hearing from you and good luck in the contest!"
Contest information:
Prizes will be photo store gift certificates valued as follows: Top Award = €600, Second Award = €400, Third Award = €200 and subsequent prices for the remaining 22 winning photos will be €100 each (converted from Euros to local currency of the photographer's country of residence when awarded late March 2008). The contest runs until the end of February 2008, after which the list of the 25 winning photos will be published on March 15th and prizes sent out thereafter. Once prizes are given out, the winning photos will become the sole property of and copyrighted by AKVA group and can not be used by others. The remaining photos will be deleted and not used.
Attached snapshot shows fish farming at the end of the rainbow in Northern Norway. 



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