Why choose flexi-panel?

Whilst the principle of passive grading is not new, the 'Flexi-Panel' represents a massive step forward in terms of technology. Other grading grids can offer only a restricted 'grading panel area' due to their weight and rigid construction. As well as tending to cause physical damage and scale loss to the fish, these rigid grids did not provide a large enough area to allow a quick and stress free method of grading large tonnages of fish.

Flexi-Panel's lightweight flexible construction overcomes all these previous drawbacks, allowing very large areas to be easily and safely handled. When the Flexi-Panel is in use the tension on the net keeps the individual apertures at their pre-determined dimensions, thereby allowing an accurate size grade. However, when the tension is removed from the panel it simply folds up in any direction, just like an ordinary net.

The strength, flexibility and lightweight nature of the Flexi-Panel comes from the materials used in its construction. Relatively short lengths of very rigid uPVC pipe are connected together using loops of Dyneema twine to form a series of individual apertures. (Dyneema was chosen as it is the strongest, most stable and abrasion resistant material available). The plastic pipes have a smooth surface and are able to rotate when the fish swim through, thereby eliminating physical damage and scale loss to the fish.

Large areas of Flexi-Panel can easily and safely be used, resulting in fast and stress-free grading of the fish.

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Jane Løvold
Product Sales Manager Special Nets

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