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Anchoring & Mooring

Safe and solid mooring solutions that have been tested in rough weather worldwide.

We can offer an innovative mooring connector system that simplifies the mooring process and improves the structural strength of the pen when moored at the site. All anchoring connections and components are NS9415 certified (Norwegian Standard 9415).

AKVA group delivers different bottom mooring points based on seabed conditions, water depth and preferences. The main feature of an anchor is retaining power in relation to its own weight and here is our Aqua HP anchor leading. In addition, we deliver fluke anchors and patent anchors, as well as T-bolt. The second option can be used on rock bottoms and can be installed with the help of Sub-Fighter ROV with Rock Drill at 500 m sea depth.

Safety first

Experienced crew and certified solutions.

A typical mooring grid with anchors, buoys and barges also allows for custom positioning to the farm site. 


A versatile mooring system that is easy to install and has a high breaking load.

AKVA group alfaring

SyncSat Marker Light

Robust and rechargeable light for the aquaculture industry - with integrated wave generator for recharging at sea.

AKVA group

AKVA group sea based service and support

Service & support

As modern fish farming and the technology has become more advanced, the need for professional service and preventive maintenance has increased. AKVA group offers global professional service on all products.

Sea based


Øystein Røvik
Øystein Røvik Product Sales Manager - Mooring SEA BASED- North / Mid of Norway
+47 971 29 770
Roar Østebøvik
Roar Østebøvik Project Manager
Erlend Mæland
Erlend Mæland Marine Engineer SEA BASED - R&D
+47 412 42 702
Isabelle Sande
Isabelle Sande Business Development Manager Mooring SEA BASED - Nordic
+47 902 99 808