The covid-19 situation will last, and AKVA group has established long term guidelines and routines to be followed by the organization. We trust the authorities and we will follow governmental recommendations and guidelines.
Last update: 16.10.20
AKVA group will maintain project delivers as normal as possible. We continuously risk evaluate and take immediate mitigating actions if we think a situation will affect deliveries to our customers.

In AKVA group we maintain several internal measures to prevent the spread of disease:

  • In office areas and canteens, we need to maintain social distance of 1 meter, cough etiquette, good hand hygiene and strict cleaning routines in accordance with recommendations from health authorities
  • The number of travels shall be limited to only strictly necessary
  • We have a “closed door” policy to mantain overview of all external personnel entering our premises. All visitors shall be registered at the front desk
  • We encourage all our employees, and especially personnel in risk groups, to discuss working conditions with their manager
  • And of course – we underline the importance to stay home if you feel sick or you think you have been exposed to infected personnel 

"We will do everything in our power to maintain operations and support our customers through this challenging time. If and when the Corona outbreak will have an impact on agreed deliveries, for example as a result of delays in deliveries, we will immediately inform affected customers," states CEO Knut Nesse.