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A leading supplier of technology and service to the global aquaculture industry

AKVA group is present in all markets with offices in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. AKVA group is a unique partner with the capability to offer both cage farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service.

The company holds strong, well-known brand names and the product line range from feed barges, steel & plastic cages, feed systems, nets, net cleaning, underwater lights, feed cameras, environmental sensors, production and process control software, workboats, recirculation systems to PE piping etc.

Partnering with AKVA group allows customers to keep their focus on fine tuning operations to increase profitability, while sharing the technical load with a reliable partner with the right people, the right technology and the right knowledge to achieve excellence.


We do projects all over the world. These are some examples:
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Wavemaster steel cages located in Vancouver Island.
Roan, Norway.
More than 260 feed barges have been delivered world wide. This new AC 400 was launched at Aqua Nor in 2012 and is now feeding 2.3 million salmon each day on Roan north of Trondheim.
Shenzhen, China.
The proximity to the large cities of Shenshen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou was an important factor for establishing a turbot farm in a warm water area outside Shenshen.
Lesotho, Southern Africa
Wavemaster Steelcages in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Sold from Norway to Highland Trout and produced in Chile. These cages are used for breeding Trout in a lake called Katze Dam.
The Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.
The construction of a 8 unit broodstock site for Greater Amberjack will secure fertilized eggs thoughout the year for the annual production of 5000 tons.
Port Lincoln, Australia.
The break-through in farming of Bluefin Tuna in tanks with AKVA group recirculation was awarded the world´s 2nd best invention in 2009 by Time Magazine.
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