AKVA group

Our history

AKVA group is the world’s leading supplier of both plastic and steel pens and has more than 45 years history. Here you will see some of our major milestones.

  • 1974 Plastic pens

  • 1980 Feeding System

  • 1985 Steel pens

  • 2000 Merger of Akva, Superia Systems and Aquasmart International to form AKVAsmart

  • 2006 Merger of AKVAsmart, Helgeland Plast, Wavemaster Chile and Wavemaster Canada to form AKVA group

    The company is listed

  • 2007 Acquisition of Maritech Int., UNIAqua and Idema Aqua

  • 2012 Sale of Maritech Operations in Norway

  • 2013 Acquisition of Plastsveis

  • 2014 Acquisition of Yes Maritime

  • 2015 Acquisition of Aquatec Solutions

  • 2016 Acquisition of AD Offshore.

    The company is merged with YES Maritime to form AKVA Marine Services Acquisition of Sperre.

  • 2018 Acquisition of Egersund Net

  • 2020 Acquisition of Newfoundland Aqua Service Ltd. Acquisition of Austevoll Rørteknikk

  • 2021 Acquisition (33.7%) of Observe Technologies

  • 2023 Acquisition (51%) of ownership stake in Submerged