AKVA group

About us

AKVA group is the world's largest supplier of solutions and services to aquaculture.

We are present in all markets with offices in Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Lithuania, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Chile, Canada, China and Australia.

Our employees commit to constant improvements by innovative thinking. Fueled by passion, dedication, and by a deep understanding of the complexity in aquaculture we can take on the most complex challenges either on sea or land. All our solutions and services work together to provide better fish performance and to improve our customers’ profitability and sustainability.

Pioneering a better future

The willingness to pioneer a better future has been the driving force behind AKVA group ever since AKVA group's birth decades ago. Back then, young pioneers in Norway saw a future in aquaculture, a new and exciting industry that could create jobs, develop communities and contribute to a healthy diet for millions of people. It started with a dream and a spirit. The same spirit is driving us forward today.  

Now, we are a global company with talent in many different areas and different countries. What unites us is the will to create a better future for ourselves and the world around us. Just like in the early days, we take advantage of opportunities in new technology, new solutions and new customer needs. We use these opportunities to create something great, profitable and sustainable. We constantly look for improvements and keep continuing as a team, where everybody contributes, and everybody plays an important role. Here lies the key to progress and success. 

 The world is constantly changing, and it has always been. But the AKVA group spirit remains the same:  

We are Pioneering a Better Future.   

Our values



Customer focus

We build long-term partnerships and customer value through understanding needs and providing honest advises.


Aquaculture knowledge

​We are continuously developing our knowledge, skills and abilities, to create and deliver leading solutions and services.



To be a trusted, partner, we plan carefully, avoid assumptions, and are committed to deliver on what is promised.



Enthusiasm is about being inspired and optimistic about what we are doing; it unites us in pioneering a better future.

- We CARE for people, planet and profitability!