AKVA Fusion

The future is digital. AKVA group is taking a lead role in supporting the digitalisation of the aquaculture industry. Digitalisation is driving major industry trends such as “precision fish farming”, “remote control”, and “ecosystems”. One example of a digital ecosystem is a combination of systems that can track fish through the production cycle and all the way to the consumer’s table. 

Currently, there are a lot of different systems on the market. AKVA group is developing a digital platform that can integrate and communicate with all key operations systems, enabling important data to be identified, collected, analysed and presented. The main purpose is to support decision-makers in their daily efforts to optimise fish health and fish performance. We call this platform AKVA fusion.

Digitalisation will play a very important role in the future of AKVA group culture and the exploitation of new technologies and concepts. Digitalisation of sea-based and land-based aquaculture will help fish farmers improve fish performance, automate work processes, and support decision-makers with accurate information when monitoring and controlling production.

In AKVA group we call this “precision fish farming”.   


Precision fish farming:  

  • Monitoring and controlling individual fish growth and fish health
  • Precision feeding
  • Early warning for cleaning and maintenance of pens and equipment 
  • Monitoring and controlling stress and behaviour
  • Track and trace of escapes 
  • Water quality and temperature control 
  • Fish lice and other environmental challenges

AKVA fusion will combine years of aquaculture knowledge and experience with new and existing digital solutions, to enable and support future precision farming concepts and solutions. This will provide more precise knowledge and better control over all parts of production, within both sea-based and land-based farming.  

AKVA fusion platform
The AKVA Fusion Platform connects existing AKVA group systems, partner and customer systems, both current and new, to enrich and support precision fish farming for both land-based and sea-based operations.  

AKVA fusion, the next generation digital platform, is characterized by: 

  • Openness
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Integrated experience
  • Ecosystem readiness 
  • Modular and composable 
  • Cloud-enabled
  • Developed together with users 

AKVA fusion will help to transform and digitalise the entire value chain of the aquaculture industry. Through AKVA fusion, we will take responsibility and lead the way in ecosystem integration, including the improvement of all products and services from AKVA group.