AKVA connect

AKVA connect is our integrated management system for precision fish farming.

The system takes care of feeding, camera management, sensors and barge control. AKVA connect 4 is our latest version of the system, which represents a modern, open technology platform, and is designed to provide a simple user experience and flexible integration.

AKVA connect

As a web-based multi-user application, AKVA connect is also the perfect platform for remote operation from feeding centers, as well as remote access from anywhere, including the cage edge or operating boats.

«Installing and using AKVA connect 4 has been a success from our side. Operators are very happy with the software»

- Regional Feeding Manager

«AKVA connect 4 is moving in a good direction, especially with the integrated camera feeding solution. This is something we have been missing, also with competitors»

- Biology and Feeding Manager

AKVA group AKVA connect 4