AKVA ecosystem

It allows data to flow frictionless between your business systems so that the value of the business system, the work process and the data itself increases. With AKVA ecosystem we will integrate, co-create and digitize the entire industry. 

AKVA ecosystem consists of several APIs that allow data to flow between your different business systems. An API is a software component that let a system use data from another system and enable communication between these systems. These integrations will let you streamline your operations and make sure that you always use updated data to take decisions that improve precision, health and sustainability.

AKVA ecosystem

With AKVA ecosystem solutions you can add value to both AKVA fishtalk products and/or AKVA connect, and the data that are generated in these systems. APIs make it possible to use data from other business systems and processes in AKVA fishtalk and AKVA connect, so that you can gather and re-use your data across systems to better know and adjust your performance.

Integrate your business systems with APIs

Standardized APIs ensure transparency across your business systems and in your decision process, and increase the value of the business system and the data that the system holds. APIs eliminate the manual work with exporting, storing, updating and administrating data from several business systems.

Use operational data in core business systems

Data from operational devices, such as feed blowers and environment sensors, can be used to take more informed decisions on the daily operations according to the overall strategy. APIs will replace the need for manually entering feed events and sensor data on a daily basis. Automate operations and work processes by using APIs to handle data and communication.

Increased data quality

Using the data directly from the source will increase the data quality with the APIs replacing the need for entering data manually across systems.

Data analysis and decision making

APIs make it easy to collect and combine data for analysis and decision-making across business systems. Live data from operational devices combined with trends and key performance indicators create valuable insight into the performance. APIs can be used to make data available for data platforms and insight solutions.

Modernize with modules

In the long run, APIs contribute to breaking up monolithic business systems and turning them into loose coupled modules that work individually and together in an ecosystem, independent of the vendor of the business system.

A key element in digital transformation of the aquaculture industry is ecosystems. With seamless integrations made possible with APIs, we connect the systems in a digital ecosystem.