AKVA submerged provides you with the innovative solution you've been waiting for. Our advanced technology revolutionizes the way you conduct aquaculture, with precise measurements and comprehensive insights that lead to improved economics, enhanced fish health, and sustainable operations. AKVA submerged ensures measurements of average weight, temperature, and oxygen levels, as well as lice counting using underwater cameras and a self-guided winch positioned on the edge of the fish pen.

AKVA group submerged

The aquaculture solution of the future

AKVA group's camera sets the new standard for precise monitoring of the environment in your fish pens. By combining patented technology with advanced sensors and customized algorithms, we provide you with a powerful tool to optimize your fish production.

Benefits of AKVA submerged:
  • Accurate estimation of lice numbers and average weight: Our unique technology measures oxygen and temperature levels using advanced sensors. This provides you with unparalleled insights into the pen environment, helping you understand the lice population and fish weight development.
  • 24/7 camera monitoring: With our 360-degree cameras, you get complete coverage of the fish from all angles. Continuous recording and advanced image technology provide precise figures for both lice counting and average weight.
  • Customized algorithms for informed decision-making: AKVA submerged provides you with average lice counts per fish for each lice stage, as well as a detailed overview of individual lice distribution. This gives you a unique opportunity to make informed decisions for fish health.
  • Historical data and trend analysis: By storing and organizing historical data, AKVA submerged offers insights into long-term trends. This is invaluable for predicting developments in the aquaculture environment and optimizing operations.
  • Self-cleaning technology and easy installation: Our compact, robust design includes a self-guided winch that ensures continuous data updates. AKVA submerged only requires a 230V power connection and can be managed by a single person.
  • Complete digital reporting: AKVA submerged delivers daily reports with comprehensive information on sea lice and biomass. With thousands of measured fish every week, you have the necessary data foundation to make critical decisions.

AKVA submerged takes the aquaculture industry to the next level. Our advanced technology provides you with the insights you need to succeed while ensuring fish welfare. Explore the possibilities with AKVA submerged and discover how precise measurements and comprehensive data can transform your deep farming facility.