AKVA fishtalk

AKVA control connects biology and economy to give the company the grounds for better decision-making.

AKVA control gives companies full digital control for both the species in production and activities surrounding it from egg to harvest.

AKVA control has a flexible user interface that easily can be adapted to each individual company down to the simplest user. Our solution works for all species and is used all over the world by both big scale- and smaller companies.

AKVA control is a useful tool that gives solid solutions for production of seafood. It ensures efficiency, good quality in production and gives better profit. AKVA control also gives the user the opportunity to build and adapt the main module with several other modules after need.

Product value:

  • Traceability                                                                   
  • Better decision making
  • Reduce cost and increase profit                               
  • Control

AKVA control gives any company a full overview and control of the species in production and activities surrounding it from start until the end. In AKVA control the user can choose whether they want to use the visualized timeline in the program and/or export it to other third-party tools. In addition, the program generates AKVA fishtalk CV, which is a complete document with information about the species in production. The user decides what should be included of company information, feeding, vaccines, breeding information, treatments and medications.  

Better decision making
Data itself is a value: the more knowledge, the result will be more flexibility. The increase of data collected over time, the more insight the user can gain to make better decisions and perhaps solve a problem the business has had for a longer period. AKVA control can be exactly the tool that ensures information for experiential learning within disease outbreaks, algae outbreaks, environmental problems, feeding and growing.

With the use of AKVA control, users are able to generate both standardized reports per activity and/or user-defined reports created on unit and production traceability. This way AKVA control ensures that the user receives the data in a readable, high-quality format. There is also the option of exporting the data via the API to further process the data in other external tools.

AKVA control has a flexible calculation so that it can be built up and adapted to the company's sites and their specific needs. As a user they can choose how deep they want to go into the matter, e.g. to look at mortality and how detailed you want to have control, registration and history.

To further ensure the data, AKVA control offers a logging system within the tool. This means that the company has control over new registrations, deleted items and changes in current activities. User management in addition helps to increase control as you get a complete overview of all users and have the opportunity to define roles and access within the organization three.  

Want to increase control in the whole production line?

Secure and optimize all your raw data. The AKVA control app removes the need for paperwork, no need for network connections, do the registrations now and upload them later.

Reduce cost and increase profit
The dataset that is obtained biologically provides a basis for the economic side of the production. By connecting AKVA control and AKVA finance together, the business will have the possibility to extract data on production cost and inventory value per production and on an overall level.

AKVA control is compatible with AKVA Fusion.

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