AKVA fishtalk

AKVA finance is a tool to provide financial information in AKVA control. In AKVA finance you can report on both your biological and financial information. This can be done for both actual production and planned production.

AKVA finance has a costing engine that connects your biological and financial information. Finance can calculate production costs, inventory value, transfers, mortality, and distributions between cost centers. When working with budgets you may use cost models to update your budget based on your biological plan. Costing and reporting are done the same way for your actual data and forecasts.

When using AKVA finance our consultants from AKVA group helps the customer create a setup with as many allocations of costs needed. Implying that the setup and how the reports are visualising the accounts is based on the customers own accounting. To gain control and get a detailed overview the customer can decide on how many levels in the accounting they want.

Over time using AKVA finance you will gain more financial control, due to being able to compare more productions together.

Product value:

  • Financial control
  • Improved forecasting
  • Reduce costs and increase profit
  • All in one system
  • User defined setup

AKVA Finance in combination with AKVA control allows you to:

  • Import costs, accounts and cost centres from external accounting system distribute costs based on biology
  • Calculates production costs and the value of the fish

AKVA Finance in combination with AKVA plan allows you to:

  • Import cost forecasts from external files or systems
  • Make budgets and rolling forecasts

Reporting in AKVA finance allows you to:

  • Report across biology and economy
  • Assess the effects of various forecasts
  • Compare different scenarios of different budgets

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