AKVA fishtalk

AKVA plan is a useful planning tool with many different possibilities. As integration with AKVA control the user can either create plans on a blank page or fetch current biological status from AKVA control.

AKVA plan is a user-friendly tool, which yet includes advanced features such as rolling forecasts, scenarios and a flexible plan structure.

Product value:

  • Flexibility
  • Better decision-making and control
  • Increase profit and decrease cost

A flexible reporting system helps you take operational decisions by comparing different scenarios efficiently.

AKVA plan is developed in close collaboration with our customers to achieve good planning of biological production. When planning the growth of fish and the time of harvest in AKVA plan, the users will also receive important information regarding biomass utilization in relation to the maximum permitted biomass amongst other important information.

With AKVA plan report generator, you can get an overview of planned events, both tabular and graphical, this can be saved as reports or exported to third-party tool.

With the combination of AKVA finance, the company will also be able to create budgets, forecasts and create comparison reports with real scenarios and future scenarios.

Using AKVA plan will simplify:

  • Establishment of production plans for an entire organization, company or site
  • Preparation of forecasts and scenarios for the production
  • Planning by means of fish placement, harvest, growth, feed consumption, sorting and maximum permitted biomass
  • Compilation of reports comparing scenarios, including planned and actual values
  • Harvest planning on short and long term

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