AKVA fishtalk

Optimize and automate the planning process and generate higher production with an intuitive planning tool that help you make the right decisions. Designed and developed for Land Based production.

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Optimize your production line

  • Optimize the production in your facility with the algorithm that helps you find the optimal use of your production capacity to meet your desired production goal.
  • Batch planning with automated logistics, including moving, sorting, harvest and sale.
  • Plan for up to five years with optimized successive batches.
  • Plan from egg to harvest or anywhere in between and get detailed information about how to execute your plan.

Better decision basis

  • Analyse the utilization of your production capacity and identify bottlenecks and overcapacity.
  • Compare planned production with actual production data.
  • Get a prediction of batch development based on actual production data
  • Adjust your plan according to actual production data to accommodate real life changes and challenges

User friendly and integrated

  • Developed together with and for Land Based producers.
  • Part of the new family of cloud-based applications from AKVA group, seamlessly integration with other AKVA group modules and applications through AKVA API.
  • User friendly and modern design will make the planning process intuitive and easy to use

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