AKVA fishtalk

Looking for a tool that can help you gather and document the necessary data on the equipment?

AKVA equipment is a management tool for operational staff, planners, and administrative staff. AKVA equipment puts no restrictions on the detail level within the equipment. Meaning that the tool can provide control and overview down to the smallest parts.

Product value:

  • Tailoring work process                              
  • Improve control and overview                                   
  • Optimize your operations

Tailoring work process

AKVA equipment is a platform for operation, maintenance, and documentation, and can comprise all the equipment at a site. It gives you the opportunity to tailor the work processes for preventive maintenance. Secondly, plan and receive notifications when the deadlines approach. Lastly, perform inspections with checklists for the complete control of documentation.

Improve control and overview

AKVA equipment gives the user the ability to save everything in one place from user guides, certificates, service cards and component images. If the user needs, they also have access to technical documentation and full traceability on component level history.  This means that the documentation and maintenance are always available on the level the user desires.

With the tool, a graphical map view is linked to a list view which makes it easy to maintain control of work orders for organizing activities, reports overviews, and document records. It will also give all information in order to consider appropriate measures, whether parts need to be replaced or fixed immediately.

Optimize your operations

AKVA equipment will let the users know when it is time for recertification in relation to the production cycle for the right people and at the right time.

AKVA equipment meets all the requirements pursuant to NS 9415:2009 and NYTEK.

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