AKVA fishtalk

Get rid of the notepads and binders, and let the app simplify the collection of data from production. The app provides a user-friendly and efficient way to quickly register work done.

Product value:

  • Availability
  • Increase control
  • Efficiency
  • Good overview

Availability and increased control 

The app contains all the necessary tasks with a checklist and relevant information about equipment, maintenance, and documents. The user-friendly workflow can increase control and give the users the necessary availability they need while working on site.

Efficiency and overview

It is an efficient tool to make sure that the company at all times has a good overview of the production lifecycle, important tasks to fix, and recertification.

Operations of equipment must be adjusted to biological requirements. A good overview of status provides a good basis to operate equipment based on biological plans. The right equipment in relation to wave height, current conditions, etc. and enough equipment are available to satisfy needs.

The system meets all requirements pursuant to NS9415:2009 and NYTEK.

AKVA equipment is compatible with AKVA fusion.

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AKVA Fishtalk control app