AKVA fishtalk

AKVA control app version 2.0 will remove the need for paperwork, which can cause both errors and insecurity. The app is an easy tool to access and user-friendly design data is sent directly to AKVA control.  Register in real time and increase your data quality.

AKVA control app facilitates daily registration of:

  • Fish samples: register lice count, amoeba score, and weight-length measures
  • Environment registration
  • Site trends
  • Diary notes
  • Cleaner fish: register feeding, mortality, and culling
  • Registers data into AKVA fishtalk

AKVA fishtalk control app

The AKVA control app is adapted for both Land Based and Sea Based implying that the companies working on land will not see tasks related to Sea Based and vice versa. The app is developed solely on feedback from our valued pilot customers. This has resulted in an optimized design where all functionality, colors, sizes on icons, and buttons will work as they should regardless of challenging environments or weather conditions.

To make sure that this is a tool everybody working in the production line can use, the app works on all handheld devices and is translated into three languages: Norwegian, English, and Spanish.

Product value:

  • Control, remove error and insecurity
  • Increased efficiency                                  
  • Optimize raw data

The app will be launched at the end of November.

Control, remove error and insecurity:
AKVA control app is a part of increasing the control and securing the company's raw data. Removing the need for paperwork will remove the third link of registering data which can cause error and insecurity. At the same time, it gives the technicians working on-site a real-time overview of detailed information per unit. They will also be able to log in directly if they have an important notice during the day. With the app there is no need for connection, the AKVA control app is in offline mode, and will send data directly to AKVA control app once it is back online.

Increase efficiency:
Save time- register the data when it is happening. The app is easy to access and when you click save on a registration the data is sent directly to AKVA fishtalk. This results in receiving the raw data when it is happening and you are able to further work on it faster.

With the user-friendly design and functionality, there is no need for training, meaning you will benefit from less time used to train personnel.

Optimize your raw data:
With the AKVA control app, it will be easier to register the correct information per unit in both Land Based and Sea Based.  With the easy maneuvering and QR-code, the app will make sure that the raw data ends up on the correct unit in AKVA fishtalk. This can result in more precise and valid raw data at all times.

The AKVA control app is based on the new security system from AKVA ecosystems, and as a result the AKVA control app also comes with AD authentication. This will make it easier for the users to log in and keep track of important security information.

The AKVA control app is compatible with AKVA Fusion. 

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