Opplaring i programvare fra AKVA group

When equipment or software is not properly utilized, this quickly affects factors such as feed consumption, growth, reliability, and maintenance costs. Competence makes employees at all levels capable of working efficiently and facing unforeseen situations safely and adequately.

Regardless of which product or service one is using, proper training is not only useful and necessary but also a sound investment. When support staff at AKVA group visit facilities or assist customers through our support service, they often witness that our equipment and software is used suboptimally. For example, we all too frequently observe that the safety features are not correctly configured or activated.

This is also important in terms of HSE. Using the provisions of the Working Environment Act as a starting point, several customers should likely pay closer attention to training and internal procedures in partnership with the equipment suppliers.

Users with proven expertise in products and software reduce both the risk of operational disruptions and the need for external support. You can perform quite a bit of troubleshooting and implement measures much faster when you have the know-how.


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Proper training of employees is excellent management. By allowing the employees to update their skills regularly, they will be capable of working more efficiently and face unforeseen situations in the best possible manner.

We are currently facing a situation where increasing volumes of data available for analyses and support functions also allows managers to develop their roles by becoming as familiar as possible with the products the company uses.

This particularly applies to software which, individually or with associated hardware, is used directly or indirectly with the biomass or other cost drivers.

For example, the feed manager can have a detailed analysis of the feeding throughout the day, handled by the feeding assistant AKVA Observe. Our new API retrieves data from the feeding systems and makes it accessible via our cloud solution.

AKVA Observe Local tool

AKVA Observe (click the image for a larger version)


A feed manager who uses AKVA Observe and Fishtalk Feeding Insight can now ask questions or impose requirements on operators, set up strategies, analyze and report based on what is happening at the locality at any time. It goes beyond just seeing the total daily feed volume and sensor data from various sources, which have been the possibilities up until now. And the bonus: automatic registration of feed volumes and sensor data, etc., in Fishtalk.

Feeding Insight 1

Fishtalk Feeding Insight (click the image for a larger version) provides an opportunity for analysis at both the region, locality, and cage levels.

Download our product sheet on Fishtalk Feeding Insight for more information

Developing competence

When you feed daily, you build up a database in the feeding system's software. This database is the facility's operational history and should be used to extend the competence at the facility. For example, data from previous generations is a crucial source to predict and compare operation parameters at the locality.

Education and analysis are, therefore, essential components as the fish farming industry move full speed into the digital era.



Our programs are customized to each customer's needs, whether they are for the entire company, location, feeding center, or individuals. We focus on software in the various product segments, of course, but also directly on hardware centering on operations and maintenance.

Here, it's worth noticing Fishtalk Equipment, which is AKVA group's software for operation, maintenance, and documentation of all equipment at all locations.

Our subjects include:

  • Use of software linked to central feeding systems
  • Operation and maintenance of feeding systems
  • Camera systems
  • Net cleaners
  • Photofish
  • Fishtalk Equipment
  • Fishtalk Control

We also have customer-specific programs and training schemes for our entire product portfolio. If the subject or training scheme is intended for maintenance personnel, operations personnel, or management, we devise a custom solution in partnership with the customer.

If you have any questions concerning courses and training, please get in touch to look at solutions for you and your business.