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Can you instantly access documentation for the equipment at all your locations? Do you have an overview of the maintenance sequence for the gear? Are you able to easily update safety instructions when these are revised? Do you have a procedure for reporting irregularities? Even if you answer yes to these questions, you may spend unnecessary time and resources on this. The authorities have precise requirements for the aquaculture industry concerning maintenance and documentation for technical equipment.

In Norway, The NYTEK Regulation ensures a proper technical standard of the facilities to prevent the escape of fish from floating aquaculture facilities. NS 9415 imposes minimum requirements on fish farmers concerning locality surveys, risk assessment, design, scale, assembly, and operation.

Overall documentation

As the size of the business grows, this kind of work increases in complexity. Without a system to administer it, a fish farmer with sites at various locations would strive to comply with regulations.

Fishtalk Equipment is AKVA group's software for operation, maintenance, and documentation, and can comprise all equipment at all locations. It supports fish farmers with a comprehensive summary of all elements, with an associated overview of certificates, service cards, user manuals, and maintenance logs. The system makes it easy for you to meet the requirements for operations at your facilities.

Customized for your business

No fish farming businesses are equal, so although the software is ready for use, it must be optimized for each company. At AKVA group, we assist you with this work. While we implement the system, we also train your operators and ensure a smooth hand-over when they are up to speed.

What you need, when you need it

Fishtalk Equipment is at your hands when working on the pen. From an app on your smartphone, you can access all information, the entire document library, checklists, and all customizations made for your facility.

When it's time to carry out predefined maintenance, you retrieve the checklist in the app and sign off when finished. Take photos and make notes on irregularities directly in the app. Because this is a cloud-based service, everything recorded in the app is updated in the central system continuously and becomes accessible there.

A key feature is the app's offline functionality. Several localities in remote areas have poor connectivity. Download what you need when you're online. The changes you enter when you're offline are uploaded to the cloud and updated in the central system when your phone reconnects to a network.

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Full version in Windows

In the Windows version, you have access to all features and can modify the setup and tailor functionality. You can also configure automatic notifications via e-mail, for example, 90 days before a certificate expires.

The company’s technical management may have an overview of:

  • Errors at the various facilities
  • Substandard equipment batches
  • Change of setup at a facility
  • When to replace nets, moorings or barges

For a vessel manager, it’s simple to keep track of the following:

  • Vessel instructions
  • Rescue equipment
  • Safety equipment 
  • Updated guidelines following the regulations 
  • Certificates (notifications can be added, e.g., 90 days before expiry)
  • Available vessels 
  • Vessels that need service

The application also includes a map feature that opens in a separate window. If you, for example, click a line on the map, the app will display the line with all associated components.

Optimize biological production

In just a few seconds, Fishtalk Equipment provides a full overview of operations and maintenance of equipment for localities, vessels, and barges. You have access to all checklists and relevant information on tools, support, documentation, and reporting.

Maintaining an overview of the technical means of production allows you to optimize biological production.