The aim was to deliver live and locally farmed Atlantic salmon direct to the Chinese consumer, - saving airfreight, and significantly reducing the carbon footprint.    
The immediate project goal is to reach a production volume by 2026 of 8,000 tons, which amounts to 4-5 kg live salmon per year, in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). The construction of the facility started in 2021 and will continue as the production expands to reach the targeted total of 20,000 tons and maybe more.

AKVA group and NOAP have since the start-up experienced an excellent working relationship to bring the project afloat. The team behind NOAP are experienced project developers, financiers, and fish farmers, - a strong partner that we in AKVA group are proud to be cooperating with on this project.

The concept is expected to be adopted to other parts in China, such as Greater Beijing and Hong Kong. The current facility will be used to train local RAS-operators to allow for such expansion in due course.