AKVA sublumin is used in pens for anti-maturation, contrast light and photo-tactical attraction of the fish. This is also an excellent light for smoltification and de-smoltification of juveniles. 

AKVA group has developed a new anti-sexual maturation light for use in sea-based aquaculture. This lighting solution is built upon AKVA group's prior products, advanced lighting technology, and extensive research that underscores the role of blue and green spectrum light in influencing the regulation of sexual maturation in salmonids.  A cabinet supplies and controls up to four lights with power and management. A suspension system has been developed for quick, easy, and safe installation on the handrail using a crane on a workboat. The blue and green LED light is used to affect fish maturation. 

Why should you choose AKVA sublumin?
  • Avoids sexual maturation
  • 10-30% improved growth
  • Reduced mortality
  • Less stress
  • Enhanced feed efficiency
  • Feeding monitoring
  • Reduces the time in the sea
  • Attracts fish into the pen 

The lights are placed at approximately 10 to 35 meters depth and can be used throughout the entire life cycle. The preferred depth varies depending on whether a traditional pen or a pen with a deep-sea farming solution is utilized. AKVA sublumin is an excellent choice for deep farming in low-light or dark underwater environments.


  • 600 W
  • Blue and green light
  • Can connect 4 pieces to the control cabinet
  • Dimmable
  • Light control with DALI
  • Chambers filled with an optically clear material
    - Protects diodes in case of glass breakage
  • Sequential startup to reduce power consumption initially
  • 10-minute gradual intensity increase when turned on
    Does not stress the fish
  • Cooling with aluminum bronze

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