The booklet “A guide to recirculation aquaculture” is now available in a new and improved 3rd edition; jointly published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Eurofish International Organisation.

The author of this popular guide is Jacob Bregnballe from AKVA group, who has worked all over the world with recirculation aquaculture in research and practice for more than 40 years. Before joining AKVA group almost 15 years ago, Jacob had his own fish farming and consultancy company for 25 years. In his position as Sales Director in the Land Based division of AKVA group, he has been involved in many projects and technological innovations for improving recirculation technology for a wide range of aquacultural species.

The aim of the guide is to assist fish farmers when converting to recirculation aquaculture and to give advice on good practices for running the system. The guide also introduces new technologies, such as the “Zero Water Concept” (ZWC), and it offers several case stories from different recirculation projects.

The guide is available for free here.