AKVA group has acquired 33.7% of the shares in Observe Technologies Ltd (Observe) to further strengthen its digital strategy, as presented at the recent Capital Markets Day.

AKVA Observe Feeding fish with AI

“We have been partners with Observe technologies on the development and delivery of their AI feeding solution since 2018, so it is great to be able to further strengthen the relationship by taking an equity stake," says Andrew Campbell, COO International in AKVA group.

Observe, through partnership with AKVA, has successfully sold and delivered their artificial intelligence (AI) feeding solutions to more than 20 farm sites in 5 different countries. With this new agreement, AKVA and Observe will continue to develop and leverage their complimentary technologies and solutions using AI to partner with customers to improve fish performance.

“The AI technologies of Observe and the customer base of AKVA presents an exciting opportunity to bring new precision feeding solutions to fish farmers around the world to help improve growth and lower feed conversions,” Campbell says.


AKVA Observe has a growing presence also in the Nordic market the past years.

"We are experiencing an increased demand for AKVA Observe and positive feedback from customers. Observation and analysis in realtime with instant and simple presentation of the data is key for effective operation. AKVA Observe is pure software that can be used with any kind of hardware e.g. existing cameras - thus no need for additional equipment in the cages to take advantage of AKVA Observe", says Thomas Hoff, Sales Manager Software.