The two companies plans an offensive market approach with their new chemical-free delousing system and firmly believes improved fish welfare and high efficiency will be the key to gain market shares.


“In AKVA group we believe in supplying technology that promotes good biology. This is why we are very pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Flatsetsund Engineering to sell their FLS Delousing system in the Nordic region. This is a delousing method that has made fish welfare top priority, where both transportation and treatment is carried out only with the use of seawater,” says AKVA group’s SVP Sales & Marketing Nordic, Hans-Øyvind Sagen.  

The FLS Delousing system is developed by Flatsetsund Engineering AS, which supplies various types of industrial equipment to the aquaculture industry. The first generation of the delousing system was introduced in the early 2000s, and in 2018 the 10th generation, which also included total collection of lice, was introduced. Unlike competing systems, the FLS system does not use any moving parts, chemicals or heat. The fish is transported through a delousing line and treated with low pressure sea water in a closed system before it is re-entered into the pen. The treatment time is only two seconds with a total transportation time of 10-15 seconds.

The agreement between AKVA group and Flatsetsund Engineering was signed this week and entails that AKVA group will be sales responsible for the FLS Delousing system as well as the FLS Weighing and counting system in the Nordic region.

“As a complete supplier, AKVA group has a very good market presence and not to mention a unique network of service stations. This agreement will help make the product more visible and attractive in terms of a wider service and maintenance offering,” says Lars Georg Backer, co-director of Flatsetsund Engineering.

AKVA group has long offered lice preventive technology, like tube nets, subfeeders and sublights, and is now expanding its assortment to also cater to customers who require delousing technology.

“We find that our customers are putting fish welfare as their highest priority. Thus, when the need for lice treatment arises, it is important for them to treat the fish as gentle as possible. Experiences has shown that treatments with the FLS Delousing system only causes a mortality rate of 0.1 percent. The system is also gentle on cleanerfish, so there is no need to sort the fish prior to treatment,” says Hans-Øyvind Sagen, adding:  

“Good fish welfare, combined with the fact that the system is efficent and easy to use, makes it a very attractive product.”