AKVA group invited investors and financial analysts to a virtual Capital Markets Day on November 24.


BEHIND THE SCENES: CEO Knut Nesse speaks in front of camera on Capital Markets Day.

Streamed live on November 24, AKVA group Executive Management outlined the strategic direction for AKVA group. An expected 1-2 million tons increase in global consumption of Atlantic salmon by 2030 drives growth expectations.

The expected demand growth is in line with the increase in salmon consumption over the last 10 years, and the outlook is strongly supported by global megatrends where consumers focus on healthy and sustainable food produced close to where they live. 


On the supply side, a major part of the increased volume is likely to come from conventional cage based farming, supported by improved fish health and technology innovations. The remaining part is expected to be supplied from land based farming and other unconventional technologies. Farming salmon closer to consumers in Asia and US would eliminate the environmental footprint of air transport and is expected to be cost competitive. AKVA is already involved in several such projects as reported lately.

“For AKVA group, as a leading global supplier of technology to the salmon industry, the expected increase in both cage based and land based salmon farming will represent two growth engines for our business”, CEO Knut Nesse states. 

AKVA group will from 2021 ramp up spending on innovation and digital solutions to continue to be in the forefront supporting the farmers in sustainable production of healthy fish and realizing the significant growth potential for the industry.