AKVA group acquired 66 per cent of Sperre in 2016. The Notodden-based company is now wholly owned by AKVA group.

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In 2016, AKVA group and Sperre agreed on a mutual option to buy/sell the remaining 34% of the shares in Sperre, exercisable in a limited period after the approval of the audited 2019 annual accounts of Sperre.

The 2019 annual accounts of Sperre were approved on 20 April 2020. Thus, AKVA group has exercised the option to acquire the remaining 34% of the shares in Sperre

Sperre is located in Notodden, Norway, and is strategically positioned in the Norwegian "subsea cluster". The company holds extensive experience in developing and producing a range of advanced ROV solutions, with applications to both aquaculture as well as oil service and marine industries.