AKVA group arrives at Aqua Nor with a rolling stand with a virtual control room with exciting, upgraded control and monitoring systems - partly self-sufficient in power from a hybrid battery pack and solar panels. When Aqua Nor is over, «AKVA Mobile» goes on a roadshow to fish farmers in the north and south along the Norwegian coast.

AKVA Mobil 16x9

AKVA Mobile packed and ready for Aqua Nor and roadshow. If you want to see the stand open, you can visit AKVA group at stand U-807 outside Spektrum under Aqua Nor.

«AKVA group has for a number of years had a large stand at Aqua Nor, but this time has made a creative twist based on the uncertainty around Covid-19. Building a large format stand starts six months before Aqua Nor, and we thought it would be unnecessary to make an investment of several MNOK and in the worst-case scenario have nothing to show for it. Therefore, we thought out of the box and came up with a combined solution where the stand can be reused 100 per cent, says Hans-Øyvind Sagen, Sales Director Nordic in AKVA group.

AKVA group has equipped a large trailer as a stand - and this AKVA Mobile stand will continue as a roadshow on customer visits along the Norwegian coast the next year.

“Business Development Manager Tore Obrestad has been the prime mover, and he has been working day and night in recent weeks to get the stand ready - together with a good production team with internal and external forces. Obrestad drove from the head office in Klepp on Thursday and parked the mobile stand at the exhibition area on Friday. He has spent the weekend preparing the latest details,” says Sagen.

Long lifespan
“In the planning of the rolling stand, we quickly saw that this could be a sustainable contribution to how we could approach events in the future - which often show signs of little reuse of the building components. Now everything is used again - and the lifespan of AKVA Mobile will be several years. We will showcase our product news, services and digital solutions with this compact solution,” says Sagen.

You will find AKVA Mobile outside the Spektrum exhibition area at Aqua Nor (stand U-807). In addition to the exhibition area, AKVA Mobile is equipped with a meeting room and space for 4-5 people.

Partly self-sufficient
The virtual control room - which shows the operation of a fish farm with exciting, upgraded control and monitoring systems - is partly self-sufficient with power from a hybrid battery pack and solar panels.

“The battery pack and solar panels are delivered by our partner in energy solutions for feed barges, Kverneland Energi. The professionals from Kverneland Energi took the challenge head-on and have had the energy supply sources mounted in an elegant way on the trailer,” says Tore Obrestad.

According to Tore, the coffee maker is one of the elements that will draw the most power. The coffee machine is also mounted on the kitchen counter for safety reasons – to avoid that coffee grounds fly between the walls when the next stage for AKVA Mobile is to start - on the road.

Regional Manager Sales Southern Norway, Roar Ognedal will take over the main responsibility for AKVA Mobile when Aqua Nor is over.

“Due to the pandemic, there are many customers who unfortunately do not visit Aqua Nor this year, therefore AKVA group brings Aqua Nor to those customers who do not go to the event. AKVA Mobile will be on the road with nine main stops from central Norway and down to Southern Norway. The first stop after Aqua Nor will be at Sandstad, Hitra. Our network of service stations will be natural bases for some of the stops - in addition to stops specifically at some customers. We are already well on our way to making agreements with visits from customers and partners. I see this as a very good opportunity for us to finally be able to talk face to face again - and show product news in an exciting and new way,” says Ognedal.

AKVA Mobile will be parked at AKVA group's head office in Klepp in November - before AKVA group goes on a similar roadshow and tour from central Norway and up to Troms and Finnmark in the spring of 2022.

Hans-Øyvind Sagen
Sales Director Nordic, AKVA group
+47 982 80 999