AKVA group Land Based has signed an engineering contract with Swedish company “Premium Svensk Lax” for a 10,000 tons salmon RAS in Värmland, Sweden.

CARE Land based engineering contract Premium svensk lax  - press

Premium Svensk Lax has been granted permission by Swedish authorities to produce 10,000 tons large salmon on land based on AKVA group`s sustainable zero water concept (ZWC). The ZWC technology consists of denitrification and phosphor removal that purifies the process water for re-use in the farming system and minimises the discharge levels.    

Premium Svensk Lax has chosen AKVA group as the preferred supplier for the delivery and installation of the environmentally friendly recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) connected to the ZWC technology. If awarded, the deliverables by AKVA group will contain a complete RAS including fish tanks, fish handling for large salmon, feeding system and other auxiliary equipment to complete the facility.

“Obtaining authority approval for a land based fish farming project in Sweden is a major breakthrough achieved by Premium Svensk Lax. We look forward to continue our work with the ambitious team in Premium Svensk Lax.” says Jacob Bregnballe Sales Director of Land Based Salmon Projects in AKVA group.