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Vikings CTO, Morten Malle, and AKVA group Land Based Sales Director, Jacob Bregnballe, having signed the agreement.

A design and cooperation agreement for design of a number of land based salmon farms in the Middle East has been signed between AKVA group Land Based and Vikings.

Vikings CTO, Morten Malle, says "In the Vikings team, we are very pleased to have entered into this cooperation agreement with AKVA group on the design of our facilities and as a strong technology partner in the Middle East. For Vikings it has been important to get an experienced and solid technology partner onboard, and AKVA group is a partner who shares Vikings vision for sustainable aquaculture. Only a few RAS suppliers have long-term experience in the design, construction, and operation of modern land based fish farming in this region, AKVA group being one of them. In this partnership we feel even more confident that we are creating successful projects and bringing long-term food security to the region”. 

Sales director in AKVA group Land Based, Jacob Bregnballe, who has extensive experience from land based projects in the region, expresses the importance of a close relationship between Vikings and AKVA group: “It is a challenge to build successful aquaculture projects in the Middle East and you really need to have a strong entity working tightly together. Many things are done differently in this region, often in ways we do not face on home grounds. In our new working relationship with Vikings we believe we have an excellent and ambitious team. Vikings have been progressing fast in the past few months and we can't wait to be part of the good progress”.


Jacob Bregnballe
Sales Director Land Based 
Phone: +45 75 88 02 22
Mobile: +45 20 68 09 94