AKVA group has signed a contract for delivery of the patented Tubenet solution to seven of Mowi´s locations in Norway. The contract has a value of 100 MNOK.

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"Extensive testing over a period of time have shown a significant reduction in lice infestations. It is a great recognition for AKVA group to deliver Tubenets to several of Mowi´s locations in Norway," says Hans-Øyvind Sagen, SVP Sales & Marketing in AKVA group Nordic.

Corridor free of lice
Tubenot makes the fish stay at depths where lice presence is minimal. When it heads up to the surface to fill its swim bladder with air, it is protected by the tarpaulin which encircles the tube in the middle, all the way up to the water line. The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet) has documentation for a 80 per cent drop in lice infestations in fish farms with Tubenet.

"We strongly believe in Tubenet as an effective contributor to salmon lice challenges. If you manage to separate lice and salmon during periods of more lice pressure without compromising either fish welfare or production efficiency, it could significantly reduce companies' production costs - and increase fish welfare accordingly," Sagen says.


Salmon lice have been a predominant challenge, affecting the Norwegian fish farming industry around NOK 15 billion in annual extra costs related to fish loss, in the form of delousing operations and treatments. In addition, the lice challenge can lead to several adverse effects for both wild salmon and the environment near fish farms.

Mowi has ordered the same Tubenet concept for a location in Scotland.

"It will be exciting to see the concept put to use outside of Norway," Sagen says.

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Tubenet is a concept developed to prevent salmon infestation on salmon. Simply put, lice and salmon are separated by a "tube" in the middle of the pen. As a result, the salmon is virtually lice-free. The salmon swim up through this "lice-free corridor" to fill the bladder. Inside the tube, which can be 60 to 90 meters in circumference, the salmon is also fed. AKVA group - through the company Egersund Net - has been developing the Tubenet solution since 2012. There have been documented reduced lice infestations of up to 80 per cent in fish farms by the use of Tubenet.