AKVA group were  chosen as the supplier for Mowi Scotland’s first 160m pen installation at Loch Seaforth Isle of Harris, 10 pens are now secured on  site.

AKVA group MOWIE_installation_Scottland

Mowi seaforth site (Photo: Arthur Campbell)

In addition to the 10x 160m  pens AKVA  also supplied the sites with  2 new mooring grids, bird nets and fibreglass poles.  AKVA group have also delivered 2 HDPE nets in partnership with net maker Tufropes.
‘We see this a great endorsement of AKVA group and our products, our Polarcirkel pens and moorings, along with the support and knowledge we offer locally. We worked very closely with Mowi to deliver on time to what was a very tight schedule’ comments Frank Byrne AKVA group Scotland pens, nets and moorings manager. This new cage infrastructure will be combined with the existing AKVA barge already in service on one of Mowi Scotland’s largest production sites.

AKVA group MOWIE_installation_Frank Byrne & Don MacLeod_Scottland

AKVA group pens, nets and mooring manager Frank Byrne with Mowi site manager Don MacLeod (Photo: Arthur Campbell)

Don MacLeod Mowi Scotland Seaforth site manager also said “The installation of 160 metre pens – the largest pens now used in Scotland – are important as we look to raise salmon at exposed locations that offer excellent growing conditions but also offer increasing weather challenges from storms. The installation of 160 metre net pens and other associated infrastructure supplied by AKVA group will significantly improve our containment systems and safety. The transfer of salmon into our Seaforth farm provided us a very short window of opportunity, so we are pleased to have worked alongside the experts at AKVA group to deliver and install the materials in time.