AKVA group will make it easier to succeed with land-based farming and are now building a separate service department for Land Based fish farming.

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Siri Tømmerås, R&D Director Land Based.

Several industry players are looking at the possibility of success within land-based fish farming. For many of them, the technology is still new and not as incorporated as, for example, sea-based farming. AKVA group delivers both sea-based and land-based fish farms.

Siri Tømmerås, R&D Director Land Based in AKVA group, leads the innovation work within land-based farming in AKVA group. She believes it is important to understand the combination of technology and biology.

«For the fish to grow and thrive, the biology in the facilities is key. Technology alone is not enough. And when we talk about biology, we are not just talking about the fish, but also the bacteria and water quality in the facility.

AKVA group are now building a new service department to help customers succeed.

«It is still early days, but you have to get started. There has been a need for more competence and support in the land-based market and with this new investment, we hope to make it easier for customers to succeed,” says Siri Tømmerås.

The new Land Based service department will be headed by Wolfgang Koppe, Director RAS Production Advisory Services (PAS).

“Predictability, security and good fish health are important for success. Previously, we provided hardware and an instruction manual on how customers should put the hardware to use. We were still available to help with updates and how things could change, but with the new investment, we get much closer to the customer and can help them from day to day. They get access to our entire expertise,” says Wolfgang Koppe.

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