With innovative AI solutions such as feed assistant and underwater camera, AKVA group demonstrates how AI can enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in aquaculture.

AI analyzes and interprets large volumes of data more quickly and accurately than humans. This enables informed decision-making based on real-time data, optimization of feeding strategies, waste reduction, and overall fish health improvement. By predicting challenges and opportunities through predictive analytics, farmers can address potential issues before they become significant.

AKVA group
CDO Asle Kjetil Bratteli at AKVA group.

"We are in an era where new AI technologies are continually introduced, including in the aquaculture industry. Keeping up with this development is crucial. AI is a powerful resource for the aquaculture sector, changing how we approach everything from feeding processes to fish health and environmental monitoring," says Asle Kjetil Bratteli, CDO at AKVA group.

Learn more about AI development in AKVA group at our webinar on April 9th, from 12 to 1 PM (in Norwegian). Customer Consultant Stein Heggvik and General Manager of Submerged Lars Martin in AKVA group will provide you with a unique insight into the functionalities of the feed assistant and the underwater camera.

Effective feeding assistant

With the intelligent feed assistant AKVA observe, results show lower feed conversion ratios (FCR), higher growth, and simpler standardization of feeding processes.

"We consider AKVA observe to be the best and most effective tool for feed control that we have analyzed and tested so far. It has helped us make decisions in a standardized and consistent manner, and allowed us to develop the concept of satiety while minimizing the risk of feed loss. It is easy to use, can be integrated with other technology providers, allows for very intuitive analysis of information, and has a quick response to suggested improvements," says Cesar Aguilar - Technical Manager in Multi X in Chile.

Since its launch, AKVA observe has been implemented in over 100 aquaculture facilities across five countries. The AI system leverages cloud infrastructures to provide remote analysis for sites and anomaly detection, enabling autonomous feeding processes.

AKVA groupFarmers experience pressure to constantly interpret and apply correlations with fish activity, feeding patterns, and more. AKVA observe offers constant analytical and objective evidence on how fish react to food and different conditions. Photo: AKVA group.

Smart underwater camera 

AKVA group recently introduced AKVA submerged – a smart solution for digital monitoring and reporting. This technology uses underwater cameras and autonomous winches to measure average weight, temperature, oxygen, and perform lice counts. This information is crucial for achieving optimal fish welfare and economic results.

AKVA group AKVA submerged kameraAKVA submerged includes precise estimation of lice counts and fish weight, continuous camera monitoring, and custom algorithms that contribute to better decision-making. The system allows farmers to adapt feeding strategies based on accurate data, leading to reduced costs and improved fish health. Photo AKVA group.

"AKVA submerged has something other underwater cameras do not have. It is maintenance-free, and farmers do not have to bring it up and down for cleaning. The sensors require minimal maintenance and have a unique ability to automatically clean the camera lens, setting it apart from other cameras," says CEO Lars Martin Sandvik Aas of AKVA group Submerged.

AKVA group continually updates its products. A new fish health module is under development, capable of measuring fish health from land. Currently, welfare scoring is done manually alongside the development of automatic scoring. There is also significant interest in a new feature that allows the use of the AKVA submerged camera system as a feeding camera. It is scheduled for launch during the second quarter.

AKVA groupThe underwater cameras have a new mount. This new mount makes the cameras ready for new functions in the future. Photo. AKVA group.

AI is the future in aquaculture

With AI technologies AKVA observe and AKVA submerged, AKVA group sets a new standard for the fish farming industry. By continuously improving its solutions based on feedback from farmers, AKVA group ensures that the technologies meet the industry's actual needs.

"By moving from traditional methods to data-driven decision-making, we facilitate a more sustainable, cost-effective, and safe aquaculture industry with the implementation of proper AI use," says Bratteli.