As of April, Glenn Mo will take on the role as General Manager for Egersund Net. With his extensive experience from production and service of net products, he will make sure quality and customer service are on top of the company’s agenda.    
Glenn Mo
Glenn Mo

“Being offered the position as General Manager of Egersund Net is a huge vote of confidence. The company has evolved significantly over the years and still has great growth ambitions. After becoming part of AKVA group in 2018, we have gained a valuable network of new colleagues representing a broad range of professions and we now stand better equipped to reach a larger market than ever before,” says Glenn Mo.

Mo will take on the role of General Manager after Geir Henning Risholm, who was ready for a change after nine years in the executive chair. Risholm will now become responsible for the company’s service operations, which is Egersund Net’s largest department with seven service stations along the Norwegian coast.

Glenn Mo is 36 years old and lives in Egersund. He has extensive experience in the production, service and maintenance of net products and worked, among other things, as a production employee in Egersund Trål in the early 2000s. In 2006 he started working in the production in Egersund Net, where he later got promoted to project manager. For the past six years he has led all service activities in the company.

“We’re very happy that Glenn wanted to take on the management role when Geir Henning signalised that he wanted to step down. This provides important continuity for the company, and I am reassured that the good quality and customer service that Egersund Net is known for will be well taken care of,” says CEO of AKVA group, Knut Nesse.

This is confirmed by the new General Manager, who early learned the value of good craftsmanship and providing flexibility to the customers.

“I highly appreciate my colleagues in Egersund Net, who all share the same pride and passion for our products and services. Fish farming nets, top nets and adjacent products are critical components at any cage based fish farm. Needless to say, it is crucial that the customer can trust us,” he finishes.