Tommy Kristiansen, AKVA group's Commercial Manager of the daughter company Helgeland Plast, highlights the company's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. With a focus on strengthening their brand and expanding into new markets, the future looks promising.

With over two years at Helgeland Plast (HP), Kristiansen has navigated a dynamic and demanding period. The sales office at the boat department, staffed by two full-time employees, has been busy managing custom-made orders as well as standard boat production.

AKVA groupOne notable project was a unique order for the Irish Naval Service, demonstrating the team's ability to handle complex and customized demands. Photo: AKVA group.

"This year, cabin boats, particularly the Polarcirkel 790 OBC model, have been really popular due to new certification requirements for operating larger boats in work contexts," Kristiansen explains.

AKVA groupPolarcirkel 790. Photo: AKVA group.

Kristiansen finds motivation in customer satisfaction with Polarcirkel boats, highlighting the fun and rewarding aspects of the job.

Dominate the market

Looking ahead, Kristiansen and HP are focused on ambitious goals. They aim to strengthen the brand and ensure Polarcirkel remains the top choice for reliable workboats globally. The company plans to maintain its stronghold in the aquaculture industry while expanding into other rapidly growing markets, including autonomous technology and defence forces, thanks to their involvement with NATO's supply chain and procurement organization (NSPA). The global offshore wind market is also under close watch.

AKVA group
Tommy Kristiansen in Mo i Rana. Photo: AKVA group.

"Our goal is to dominate the market for workboats in our product range and to give our customers the best possible experience, from start to finish. Visibility in our focus markets, efficient production, no customer complaints, and the right pricing for a boat with long lifespan and minimal maintenance will help us reach our goals," says Kristiansen.

AKVA groupPipe production at Båsmoen. Photo: AKVA group.

Collaboration and support

Kristiansen highlights the significant advantage of being part of AKVA group, which provides access to extensive expertise across various departments. Collaboration with corporate marketing team and international colleagues, despite occasional time zone challenges, has been beneficial.

"The best advertisements are the boats that are in use daily at our customers' workplaces.

Recent sales and future prospects

Recent sales include adventure models to Norwegian tourism customers, a smaller model to a sea school in Oslo, and an order from China. The company also continues to serve the aquaculture industry with sales to fish farming companies in Norway. Looking ahead, there are plans to deliver boats to the Red Cross, more orders to China, and numerous boats for Maritime Robotics, a leading supplier of autonomous vessels.

Sustainability and personal goals

AKVA group prides itself on being the first boat manufacturer to produce hulls from climate-neutral raw materials, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Offering boats with electric drivetrains and having previously produced the world's fastest mass-produced electric boat underscores their commitment to sustainability.

Kristiansen's personal goal is to ensure every customer experience with Polarcirkel boats is exceptional, from build quality to environmental care, aiming for widespread customer praise and satisfaction.

AKVA groupElectric Polarcirkel 860. Photo: AKVA group.

"My personal goal is to meet customers at any random time and place and get praised for the entire experience of owning a Polarcirkel boat! The build quality, the solutions, the buying process, the service, the care for the environment, the support - everything that follows the purchase of a Polarcirkel boat,” says Kristiansen.