With a growing trend for drilling of deepwater bolts, FSV Group has upgraded the ROV park with their most powerful ROV to date; an electric SUB-fighter 30K ROV with drilling equipment from Sperre.

ROV 30k copy

ROBUST ROV: SUB-fighter 30k with drilling equipment from Sperre.

"Drilling of deepwater bolts has become an increasing trend in the market. Traditionally, divers have been used in the industry, but we see that ROV - with advantages such as fewer depth restrictions - has taken over as assignments at greater depths has become more regular. Thus, we adapt to demand and strengthen our offering on ROVs," says Arild Aasmyr, Managing Director of FSV Group.

Divers can usually reach depths of 20-30 meters, while powerful ROVs effortlessly can dive 800-1000 meters.


"We are proud that FSV Group once again chose us as a supplier. FSV Group has extensive experience with ROV services, and we are proud that they show us the confidence worthy of ordering an even more powerful ROV from us," says Åsmund Sundsvalen, Sales Manager at Sperre.

FSV Group is based in Molde, Norway, and provides a wide range of services to the aquaculture industry. The company already has a drilling system from Sperre; a SUB-fighter 15K ROV which now will be joined by the more powerful SUB-fighter 30K. With accessories such as drilling equipment and a manipulator for installing of bolts and shackles, the ROV is tailored to tasks such as drilling anchor holes for pens and other sea-based applications that need anchoring.

"It is a very robust ROV that will be used for drilling of bolts at depths of several hundred meters, in addition to general inspection work. The advantage of Sperre is that they provide accessories that give the equipment great flexibility. We can easily expand our range of services in the future. Sperre also has a well-established service network which makes it easy to obtain spare parts. Equipment is sensitive underwater, so good access to spare parts is critical for operation - and Sperre always delivers to expectation," says Aasmyr.