Lovundlaks has chosen AKVA group as supplier of an AC 450 tonnes Comfort feed barge. The feed barge is delivered with AKVA Hybrid battery pack and is the company's fifth feed barge from AKVA group.


BATTERY AND CAMERA SYSTEM: Lovundlaks have acquired a feed barge with eight air feeding lines, AKVA Hybrid and camera system for 14 pens. PS! The illustration image shows an AC 450 Comfort Panorama with other specifications than the delivery to Lovundlaks.

Lovundlaks already have an AM 320 tonnes and three AC 450 tonnes Comfort feed barges from AKVA group.

"Lovundlaks is a solid, well-run company that has had a great development in recent years. It is great recognition for AKVA group that they trust us and that they are now ordering yet another AKVA feed barge," says Hans-Øyvind Sagen, Sales Director Nordic in AKVA group.

AKVA Hybrid and camera system
While the first four feed barges are fairly similarly equipped, this is equipped with eight air feeding lines, 2x200 kVA generator, AKVA Hybrid battery pack and camera system for 14 pens. In addition, the feed barge comes with Novec fire extinguishing system, lifeboat and sloping ramp for small boats.

"It is not a coincidence when we order a fifth feed barge from the same supplier. AKVA group's feed barges come across as a fine combination of robustness, comfort, safety and value; they provide results regardless of weather conditions while they at the same time safeguard our employees´ health and safety. AKVA group also proves to have the technical solutions for hybrid feed barges which is a big plus," says General Manager in Lovundlaks, Jacob Palmer Meland.


Invests in Helgeland
Over the past year, Meland has seen the effect of the investment in new permits in 2018, and Lovundlaks produced just over 10,000 tonnes of salmon which is approx. twice as much as previous years. In August 2020, the company invested in 623 tonnes more maximum allowable biomass (MAB) for 136 MNOK. In total, the company soon have a MAB of 5708 tonnes.

"Most of the values that are created goes to strengthen the company and contribute to development in our local area in Helgeland in Northern Norway. In 2020, we will invest close to 70 MNOK on Nesøya where we will set up a new facility with a new feed barge, a workboat and land base," says Meland.

Lovundlaks mainly operates at locations near Lovund and Sleneset in Lurøy municipality, but last year some of the production was also set to Rødøy municipality through a collaboration with Selsøyvik Havbruk.

AC 450 Comfort

  • Feed capacity: 450 tonnes divided between eight silos
  • Measurements: 22 m length, 12 m width
  • Feeding: Akvasmart air feeding system with eight feeding lines
  • Hull: Designed for Hs =< 4,0 m
  • Equipped with AKVA Hybrid battery pack
  • Equipped with 2 x 200 kVA generators
  • Equipped with camera system for 14 pens
  • Vet room and living quarters with control room, cabins, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes and more