Aquanaria S.L chose AKVA group as a supplier of two feed barges to The Canary Islands, Spain. 

“We have known AKVA group for many years and know it’s a company with a comprehensive portfolio and high reputation in the industry. For our expansion project, it is very important to work with suppliers that can cover all our needs and we can build a long-term relationship with them,” says Commercial Director Pedro Sanchez in Aquanaria.

Larger feed barges

“Investments are now being made in larger feed barges, like the feed barge AKVA group delivered in Greece April 2022. Delivery of feed barges is not only important to AKVA group. A delivery like this creates jobs in local communities. Together with Aquanaria, we hope to be pioneers in the development of the aquaculture industry,” says MED Regional Manager Ana Valverde in AKVA group.

Ana Valverde
MED Regional Manager Ana Valverde in AKVA group.

Reliable equipment and good quality

The barges are of type AM 400 Classic and are equipped with ten silos, four feeding lines, the possibility of remote control, and can distribute feed up to 40 pens with 4 feeding lines.

“We know this feeding barge is well tested and many units have worked in several farms worldwide for many years. We are located in very exposed sites and we need to have reliable equipment there. This barge delivery is part of a wider collaboration with a focus on partnership and sustainability. With a hybrid system, we can lower diesel consumption and the outlet of Co2 gas. This gives us a more sustainable investment," says Sanchez.

Delivered in October 2023

The feed barges will be delivered in late October 2023.

“We are proud to contribute to the development of the aquaculture industry in the Atlantic Sea. The feed barges are AKVA group's biggest contract ever in this region. This is an opportunity to strengthen our position here,” says Valverde.

Aquanaria is one of the leading companies in the production of sea bass. They established themselves in the Canary Islands in 1987. Aquanaria exports approximately 60 % of its production to countries worldwide.