SinkabergHansen AS and AKVA group Land Based Norway AS has signed a deal for the delivery of processing equipment worth 280 MNOK + options to the production facilities at Svaberget Smolt.

Sten Roald Lorentzen og SinkabergHansenSten Roald Lorentzen, Managing Director at AKVA group Land Based Norway AS (to the left) and Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg, Managing Director at SinkabergHansen AS.

The deal was signed Monday, May 6th and is one of the single largest deals ever at both SinkabergHansen and AKVA group.

"It is a milestone to finally settle the deal. The process started 4-5 years ago, with more intensive, detailed work the last year. The deal means a lot for us," says Managing Director Sten Roald Lorentzen in AKVA group Land Based Norway AS.

Both AKVA group Land Based AS and AKVA group Land Based Norway AS is involved in the project that will provide significant work for the branches in Norway and Denmark.

Smolt facility at Nærøy

SinkabergHansen AS will build a smolt facility at Svaberget in Nærøy, through the company Svaberget Smolt AS. Construction is estimated to start in September 2019. The construction period is planned for 2,5 years.

"It is a complete turnkey processing facility including tank and water systems, RAS facility that is able to recycle 99.9 per cent of the water, hatchery, smolt plants and more. We are proud of what we are able to achieve, and the collaboration with SinkabergHansen has been good over time," says Lorentzen.

The environmentally friendly RAS facility will also be used as a display center.