AKVA group and Observe technologies have partnered to bring a new, intelligent feeding assistant with pellet recognition to the market.

Screen shot_AKVA Observe

AKVA and Observe are committed to giving farmers actionable insights to optimize their largest site cost, namely feeding. The result is a new software solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze in real time the onsite data and video streams on the site. The software not only counts visible pellets, but also completes a detailed analysis of the fish behavior that when used together identify risk situations and assist the operator in the optimization of the feeding.

Keeps improving
The AKVA Observe software solution is easily integrated with existing hardware on the site. All alerts from the system are uploaded to the cloud for further machine learning and are used to update the site AI to further optimize the real time assistance specific to the pens on that particular site. The optimal growth rate for each pen is learned by comparing sensor, video, feed and external data feeds over time.

“This is a revolutionary breakthrough for the fish farming industry,” says Andrew Campbell, AKVA group’s Regional President for the Americas and Australasia.

“The AI feeding assistant, supports the moment to moment decision making process of the most critical and cost sensitive process of farming fish. It is always learning and providing the site staff with new insights to understand each pen’s feeding behavior, something that as an industry we have simply not had the ability to do before,” Campbell adds.

Gathering momentum
The solution was first installed on farms during 2017 and is currently in full commercial operation on farms in Scotland and Chile. During the course of 2019, AKVA group is also planning on introducing the solution to the Nordic market.

The results from the pens and sites in operation are being collated and reported back through a separate web-based management tool, making it easy to monitor and benchmark sites and learn on a larger scale how different factors link into each other.

 “Customer feedback has been very positive. The system is operating well at a number of sites and the development of the remote management tool and reporting has been very well received,” says Jason Cleaversmith, the General Manager for AKVA group Scotland.

“This is a very promising solution that we are also looking forward to introducing to our Nordic clients. Simultaneously, we’re also working on establishing a new open-platform cloud solution which will enable easy integration between our AKVAconnect process control software and related software like AKVA Observe,” says SVP Sales and Marketing Nordic, Hans Øyvind Sagen.

A fruitful cooperation
AKVA group and Observe Technologies share the vision of transforming the way the aquaculture sector works through their groundbreaking new technology.

"True Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions have the potential to transform the way in which many sectors operate. The opportunity to set the emerging standard for fish farming feeding software is a very exciting endeavor which we believe will benefit farmers globally. This partnership allows us to combine Observe Technologies’ technical expertise with AKVA group’s aquaculture ecosystem and global network. With our aligned philosophies we are confident that we will provide a complete integrated service to the market.” says Hemang Rishi, the CEO of Observe Technologies.

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