A collaborative project between AKVA group Egersund Net, Nofir, Aquafil, Grieg Seafood, and Hampidjan, has been nominated for the Aquaculture Awards in the category for collaboration in Scotland.

The project focuses on the development of circular aquaculture nets using recycled nylon from discarded aquaculture nets and other nylon products. The award will be presented on 15 May.

In the project, Karen Kvalheim of AKVA group Egersund Net is responsible for producing netting from regenerated nylon. This includes testing the netting's properties such as tensile strength, elasticity, and wear resistance to ensure that the finished nets meet the necessary requirements for use in aquaculture.

AKVA groupKaren Kvalheim in  AKVA group Egersund Net.

The cooperation between the involved parties is crucial to achieve the goal of circular nets. The project, which officially started on 1 June 2023, is planned to continue until June 2025 and receives support from the Retailers' Environmental Fund.

The project participants bring together a broad expertise in technology, recycling, and aquaculture. AKVA group is known for its technology solutions for aquaculture, while Nofir focuses on the collection of discarded fishing gear. Aquafil specializes in the recycling and production of synthetic fibers, Grieg Seafood in salmon, and Hampidjan in fishing gear and rope. Through this collaboration, the project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the requirements for more sustainable solutions in the aquaculture industry, in line with the EU's plastic directive.

The nomination for the Aquaculture Awards recognizes the project's contribution to innovation and sustainability in the aquaculture industry, focusing on creating viable solutions for the future.