Developer for AKVA connect, Tia Celine Sandhu (26), in AKVA group is one of 40 nominees for this year's kode24 award. Now she is one of five who are fighting for the top prize in the category “Årets koder” (Coder of the Year).

There are eight categories and five nominees in each. Kode24 is a website dedicated to Norwegian developers and Norwegian code. 

“I am very proud to be one of the five nominees for Codes of the Year! There are many talented people to choose from and I am humbled to be one of them. A little extra cool is that they nominate a developer who works in a technology company for the farming industry. It just shows that developers have the opportunity to work in many exciting professions - and management systems for the farming industry are one of them,” says Sandhu.

Sandhu holds a degree in civil engineering in cybernetics and robotics from NTNU, Trondheim. She has always been interested in technology, and in high school, she knew the direction she wanted to go. In the IT class, she started to like coding even more after making a website about the series Desperate Housewives.

To be nominated in kode24, you must have written an article on the website. You can read it here in Norwegian.

What Sandhu likes most about coding is that it makes work more efficient and easier for the customer. It is rewarding.

“In AKVA group, I work in a team as a front-end developer on the platform AKVA connect, and get the opportunity to learn both about the backend and controller. In addition, we test on a physical machine to make sure that the systems work optimally.”

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