Nordlaks has purchased a SUB-Fighter 15K ROV from Sperre. The ROV will be used to secure mooring systems in addition to being available for operations on the Havfarm project.


"We are proud that Nordlaks chose us as a supplier of ROV yet again. Nordlaks has skilled technicians who listen to our recommendations regarding use and maintenance. With proper care you prevent unexpected downtime", says Wenche Haugerud, General Manager at Sperre.

Nordlaks purchased their first Sub-Fighter 15K from Sperre in 2015. With increased activity of heavier tasks in the aquaculture industry, they had to increase the capacity. The choice was easy for Nordlaks after qualified input from Leif-Børge Olsen, ROV Manager at Nordlaks.


Robust and easy to use
"Sperre delivers ROVs that are very easy to use, as well as being reliable and robust vessels that can handle heavier operations. SUB-fighter 15K will be used to secure mooring systems, inspection, documentation and cleaning," he says.

The ROV has a thruster capacity of 15 kilowatts to handle exposed conditions and is equipped with a gripping arm that also is capable of cutting rope. The ROV will also be available for Nordlaks´ "Havfarm project", which is part of Nordlaks' solution for sustainable development of the aquaculture industry. The Havfarm´s will be placed in more exposed sea environments that cannot be utilized for farming with today's available equipment. They are exposed with complex wind, current and wave conditions, and typically greater depths.

"SUB-fighter 15K comes with a powerful winch with 1000 meters of cable that can be used on anchors at 800 meters depth. We have smaller ROVs that can be used for simple net inspection routines, but this one has depth rating and power that makes it very useful for greater depths," says Olsen.


Solid experiences
The delivery includes a 13-foot container that serves as both control room, storage and transport of the equipment. A Kongsberg-developed HPR positioning system, 1000 meter cable winch, rope cutter and a rotating brush is also included.

Nordlaks is a family-owned aquaculture group with headquarters in Stokmarknes, Northern Norway. The company with roots back to 1989 has activity in 12 municipalities in northern Nordland and southern Troms and creates values of all resources in the value chain from roe to table.

"We only have good experiences with Sperre; they offer good support and we are very satisfied with the systems that are easy to operate," Olsen says.