Nova Sea upgrades the barge park: The company´s 22nd feed barge from AKVA group will run on shore power, is prepared for charging of electric boats and is thus prepared for the green shift.

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IN NOVA SEA COLOURS: An equivalent feed barge is acquired by Nova Sea. 

Nova Sea has purchased an AC 450 Comfort feed barge that will be delivered in the spring of 2021. The feed barge has ten feeding lines and is intended to feed 20 pens at Nova Sea´s Træna location - 33 nautical miles out of the Helgeland coast in Northern Norway. The feed barge will be connected to shore power which is an important part of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in production.

Green shift
"The fact that the feed barge is connected to shore power means that we get a production based on renewable energy. We ensure this through a Guarantee of Origin certificate for the power. The fact that the feed barge also has a charging point for electric boats, positions us for future purchases and allows us to utilize the energy further. It also significantly reduces our greenhouse gas emissions," says Production Manager Sea in Nova Sea, Bjørn Helge Hjartåker.

According to Hjartåker, a feed barge powered by electricity from renewable energy will contribute to a greenhouse gas emission of a modest 5,000 kg of CO2, compared to an emission of approx. 500,000 kg CO2 from operation with a generator, per generation fish. To date, Nova Sea has 96 per cent of its feed barges on shore power or hybrid solutions. All provided by AKVA group.

"It is not a coincidence when we order 22 feed barges from the same supplier. AKVA group has feed barges that are robust, have good comfort and where safety is well taken care of. It ensures good production results all year round while the health, environment and safety for our employees are taken care of," Hjartåker continues.

"Very proud"
Nova Sea acquired an AC 450 Comfort feed barge that is dimensioned for a significant wave height of up to four meters. The feed barge is delivered with infrastructure for camera systems and prepared for charging of electric boats - and thus prepared for an electric future.

The feed barge is connected to shore power and has one generator as emergency power. It is 22 meters long, 12 meters wide and is delivered with a living unit consisting of, among other things, control room, kitchen, cabins with bathroom, wardrobes, warehouse, workshop and veterinary room.

- We are grateful for the trust Nova Sea have shown us over several years. Nova Sea is one of Northern Norway's largest players in the industry, and we are very proud to have delivered as many as 22 feed barges to the company," says Hans-Øyvind Sagen, Sales Director Nordic in AKVA group.

Based in Lovund, Nova Sea AS is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in Northern Norway with 33.33 fully owned and 4 partially owned farming authorizations along the entire Helgeland coast.

Feed Barge AC 450 Comfort

  • Feed capacity: 450 tonnes in eight feed silos
  • Dimensions: 22 m length, 12 m width
  • Feeding: Akvasmart air feeding system with ten feeding lines
  • Hull: Designed for Hs = <4.0 m
  • Veterinary room and living unit with control room, cabins, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes and more

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