AKVA group delivers first-of-its-kind feed barge in Greece and the Mediterranean as Philosofish has chosen AKVA group as a supplier of an AM400 Classic feed barge. A feed barge of this size is groundbreaking in the region.

The AM400 Classic feed barge will boost Philosofish´s production of bass and bream on their Rhodes Island site to 2,000 tonnes.

"Philosofish is a solid, well-run company that has had a great development in recent years. It is great recognition for AKVA group that they are ordering a state-of-the-art feed barge for the Mediterranean," says Bruno Polichetti, General Manager in AKVA group Hellas.

The feed barge is equipped with ten silos, four feeding lines, remote control capability and can distribute feed up to 40 pens with 4 feeding lines.

“The feed barge from AKVA group is impressive and beyond our expectations. It was a wise decision of our management to order this barge and enhance our collaboration with AKVA group,” says Manolis Manelis, Purchasing Manager in Philosofish.

AKVA group, a leading supplier of feed barges, has 30 years of presence in the Greek market, mainly delivering feed systems. The norm has been small, locally built feed barges in the Mediterranean.

“We now see a trend in Greece to invest in larger feed barges,” says Polichetti.

In 2020 Philosofish acquired new sites and increased its total production capacity from 5,000 to 20,000 tonnes annually, positioning itself as a leading global supplier of high-quality Mediterranean bass and bream. Philosofish is already using Akva Control CCS Feed Systems in 4 of their sites.

AM400 Classic

  • Feed capacity: 400 mt – 10 Silos (646 m3)
  • Length (LOA) excl. platform: 32,8 m                              
  • Beam (BOA): 10,0 m                                                  
  • Hull height: 3,5 m            
  • 10 silos
  • Control room, living quarters/wardrobe/wc, technical room, machine room