AKVA group Software is making several product launches at Aqua Nor 2019. New technology gives better insight and creates more value in fish farming.


AKVA group Software has focused on the development of new cloud-based solutions, which will provide more seamless data transfer and opportunities to process large volumes of data from numerous sources.


  • Streamlining data capture using the Fishtalk Control App's in our open platform
  • Optimized exposure that contributes to better financial results
  • Next generation of artificial intelligence contributes to optimization of feeding
  • New and updated AKVA Connect; environmental data, flexible feeding, waterborne feeding and remote control of sites
  • Automated collection and feeding analysis and sensor data generate new insight. Our open platform ties everything together.


  • Wednesday 21st August, 9.00 - 11.00 (in Norwegian)
  • Thursday 22nd August, 9.00 - 11.00 (in English)

Place: AKVA groups premises (Adressa Building), Ferjemannsveien 10, Trondheim. Invitations are distributed.

"AKVA group Software wants to develop products that solve everyday problems, and our products are crafted in cooperation with the experts in the field - our software customers. Our customers have first-hand knowledge of current issues in the industry and in order to deliver the best possible product, we talk with our customers and learn what they want and how we can solve their individual needs in a way that benefit as many clients as possible," says Thomas Hoff, sales manager in AKVA group Software.